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A week before BBC Radio One’s Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw’s birthday, his popstar boyfriend Louis Tomlinson wore a #TeamGrimmy shirt in one of One Direction’s concerts in America last night. The concert was the last one before One Direction’s two week break from their worldwide stadium tour. Tomlinson is rumoured to spend his well deserved break with his boyfriend Grimshaw, before they both have to get back to work.

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Rose Bowl, 13.09.14

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I had rather rambling fic snippet, soz etc


But what about that time in the I Had Rather verse where Louis is sick but he refuses to go to bed because he’s at Harry’s with the rest of his band, and because Nick promised to come over when he was finished at work.

So he’s passed out on the sofa, miserably ill and snoring because he’s all bunged up, and before he fell asleep he’d snapped at everyone because he’s so poorly and he feels so sick. He’s point blank refused to go home or get in Harry’s bed, and at this point his band are still at the confused I still can’t believe Louis and Nick are actually dating and this isn’t actually a giant cosmic joke stage, so they’re sort of waiting for it all to go tits up anyway, and Louis is revolting when he’s ill.

So when Nick gets there, they all warn him that Louis is like a bear with a sore head, only meaner and with a very sore head indeed. Nick deals with Louis all the time, though, and he loves that Louis, so it doesn’t scare him. Sore bear Louis is his bread and butter, so instead he crouches by the sofa and strokes Louis’ hair away from his face. None of Louis’ band really expect that to go well, but when Louis jerks awake, he’s fierce and mulish until he realises it’s Nick, and then his shoulders and his expression soften, and he just says, “I knew you’d come.”

"Said I would, didn’t I?" Nick says, still stroking Louis’ hair off his face. He’s all sweaty and revolting. "What are you doing out of bed, you utter imbecile?"

"Waiting for you," Louis says, all snuffley and bunged up, and even though Nick’s just arrived, Louis hides his face in Nick’s shoulder. "Can we go back to yours now?"

Nick rolls his eyes. “You’re an idiot,” he says softly. “Did you bring a coat, or do you expect me to give up mine?”

"Yours," Louis says. "Yours is better."

"You’re a revolting, germ-ridden monster," Nick says, but he’s already taking off his coat. "I’m stealing your Visa card when I take this to be decontaminated. This one’s on you."

"Love you," Louis says, whilst breathing his revolting, germ-ridden breath all over Nick’s new scarf. Nick carefully wraps it round Louis’ neck instead, so he doesn’t get cold. 

"Can’t have you getting even more ill," Nick says, as he knots it, tucking the ends inside his coat. "You’re an absolute horror as it is."

"Uh-huh," Louis says, getting shakily to his feet. "I think I might be sick in your car."

"Harry," Nick says, without looking away from where he’s buttoning up his coat to keep Louis warm, "can we borrow your washing up bowl?"

"I’ll pay for your car to be cleaned," Louis says, in a haze of germs and surrounded by an aura of death and destruction. "I’ll give you my pin and everything."

"Nah," Nick says. "It’s all right. I’ve got this one." Cos bears with sore heads just need to be carefully handled, that’s all. 



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Speaking dos languages diferentes in a sentence because eres a multicultural motherfucker.